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S5 Reservations

The S5 Reservation module allows you to take reservation inquiries on your site.

You can setup articles for different packages or items you have available for your industry and then the module will pull from any article category that you define in the backend and show in the drop down of the module. The module is setup and functions like an accordion so that less real estate is taken up on your site. The module also has several input fields that are required for the user to fill out in order to submit and if they aren’t filled in they will be prompted and forced to enter before submission. The module uses a sleek AJAX captcha that shows at the end before you submit the inquiry, it simply pops up and once you verify by entering the 6 digits you can then send the inquiry.

Note – this product is for paid club members only.

The following is a quick list of features that are included with the module:

* Powered by Joomla included core Mootools
* Error checking on all fields besides extra information
* Includes language file to support multi lingual sites
* Calendar popups for the check in check out fields
* Captcha included on form submit, powered by AJAX to confirm correct input
* Choose any Joomla category to pull articles from
* Hide read more in the drop down for articles
* Enter the send to email address in the admin of the module

mod_s5_reservations.zip (41.8 KB)







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