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Sample Content to test your WordPress Theme

You have a new WordPress website or want to test a new theme for your wordpress website? Then this XML file will help you to do that. This file contains sample pages and posts along with comment and all possible tags so that you can have an overview as how your website will look if you apply a particular theme.

Download link


How to import the file

After downloading the file, login to website with your administrator account.

From your dashboard goto Tools>Import

Click on WordPress (Install WordPress importer plugin is not already installed)

Browse test-content.xml (then file that you just downloaded) and click Import

Check  then click Submit

Refresh your website.

With the available posts, pages and comments you can have a feel of how your website will look.

Disadvantage of this method

The only disadvantage is that you need to import the contents of the file to your website that means it can be tested on totally new website or a site with no contents.

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