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Seo & Getting Ranked In Bing

I’ve been doing Seo For quite a while now but have never paid much attention to Yahoo and Bing apart from the little trouble i took to add a plugin which automatically created the meta-description and meta-keywords tags within the ‘head’ section of every page and another plugin that pings the Yahoo and Bing bots everytime i update.
However recently about a week back i noticed upon doing a routine check that i have been placed on the first page of bing for almost every keyword i have targeted.
If you see the ‘pages’ i have, they have been purposely named that way keeping in mind the keywords i have targeted. e.g. for the ‘Seo Quiz’ page i have the keyword ‘Seo Quiz’ targeted.

Apart from the ‘Seo Tips’ keyword, all other pages are ranked within the first page of the SERPs(Search Engine Results Pages) for their respective keywords.
From this and keeping in mind what SEO i have done and also considering how Google treats wpbag.com, i can certainly conclude some points about Bing :

On Page Seo Is Really Important

– I have given topmost priority for the on-page Seo Optimization for all my top pages. This i believe is something that can convince the search engines very well that ‘the matter being searched IS on that page’. Google does the risky business of depending on backlinks pointing to a site to judge the content on that page. While Bing plays it comparatively safe while depending equally on the on-page and off-page factors simultaneously.

Backlink Authority Matters

- I have a low backlink count of 400+ to my homepage but many of these backlinks have been manually placed on high authoritative sites. Though PR is a metric that just Google follows but it also helps us get a rough idea of the authority of a site.
So the same way how Authority matters in Yahoo, so does it matter in Bing.

Irrelevant Backlinks WIll Do

– Well, this is something that is totally different about Bing than Google and is highly exploitable. 95%+ of my backlinks are from irrelevant yet high authoritative pages in various niches like cooking, news, travel, coding, etc… which has absolutely nothing to do with my main niche i.e. SEO.
This irrelevancy is something that is exploitable but one thing i can say is that Bing will consider irrelevant backlinks for ranking purposes only if these backlinks are qualified, i.e. trusted and to be trusted they have to be from good and quality domains.

The Bing Sandbox??

– We all have heard about the hypothetical Google Sandbox which is a kind of a filter that keeps new websites suppressed and does not rank them well for any keywords unless they have crossed a certain age limit, be it 6 months or 1 year. Its kinda weird, but wpbag.com ‘is’ in the google sandbox but is slowly recovering as traffic from Google is increasing by the day.
Bing however also seems to have such a filter, i’ve never heard about it before but when i say my site was nowhere on bing just a couple of weeks ago and suddenly it ranks on the first page for every single keyword i’ve targeted, i just cant deny that Bing has to have a Sandbox-like filter.

Conclusion :

Bing is highly unpredictable but quite highly accurate. Sometimes i still feel that Google, no matter how solid it is, it still provides irrelevant results at times while Bing aims at accuracy the main reason for this i would say is the emphasis on on-page optimization. Maybe that is the main reason its already gained much more popularity in such a short span of time. There’s no need todo separate SEO for Bing, all that needs to be done is the conventional white-hat Google Seo alongwith some more importance to on-page seo and Meta tags.

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