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SEO Tips For Redesigning Your Blog Or Site

When you’re redesigning your blog or website, you need to make sure that it doesn’t affect the way you have optimized your web pages. So, you need to follow certain SEO tips which can help you to avoid mistakes and enable you to retain the ranking of your web pages in the search engine. Let’s find out what are the SEO tips that should be followed while redesigning a blog or site.

SEO Tips to follow when redesigning your blog/site

If you are changing your content management system (CMS), the existing URL naming convention needs to be modified so as to make it suitable for the new CMS. This is when you need to make use of the 301 redirect so that all the existing URLs are changed to their new counterparts. What you can do is check your site analytics to look out for the landing page URLs which drive traffic to your blog from the search engine, and redirect those URLs. Also, you need to redirect the URLsof pages which have been linked from other websites or blogs. This is to ensure that the ranking of those pages are retained. Moreover, by redirecting the URLs, you allow the traffic from other blogs/sites to continue getting access to your blog easily.

When you change the content management system (CMS), there are a few other things you need to check in order to ensure that it doesn’t affect your site from the SEO point of view. Find out whether your CMS allows unique title tags and meta description tags. This is because the title tag and meta description tags are the areas where you can use the keywords for a particular page and optimize it in the search engine.

When you redesign your blog, you’re also changing the navigation and architecture. Changes in navigation may affect the ranking of certain pages in your blog. For instance, if you have a right menu that comes along with every page in your blog and you have links highlighted within the menu, it means that every page in your blog links to those pages. Hence, ranking of such pages can be much better than others in your blog. Now, if you redesign the blog and change the navigation thus removing some of the links highlighted on the menu, it may affect the rankling of such pages. So, be careful while changing the navigation.

Now, suppose you want to include flash animation while redesigning your blog/site. The problem with flash is that it compresses the file sizes, which is why the overall download speed of your site increases. When you incorporate an entire site within a single flash file, the amount of title tags you can use is limited. Although the flash file may have several pages but the URL being one, there’s just one title tag. So, how do you optimize several pages with just one title tag? It isn’t possible because each page has different keywords which you’d like to use in the respective title tags for on-page optimization. Hence, think twice before using flash while redesigning your site.

So, these are the tips you should follow in order to make sure that redesigning doesn’t affect your site optimization. What are the SEO related things that you have followed while redesigning your blog or site?

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