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Share WordPress Ideas or Kvetch!

WordPress guys made it easier for you to participate in the WordPress development process by sharing your ideas or complain about it. It was a good step by them to let the huge number of WordPress users express their thoughts, share their knowledge and participation more in the WordPress community.

WordPress Ideas is a place to share your WordPress wishes and vote on other people�s ideas. This allows you and me (i.e. non-wordpress developers) to share their view about what goes into the next version of WordPress. WordPress 2.2 which is expected in late April will include the top voted on features!

WordPress Kvetch lets you anonymously express what you do not like about WordPress. They plan to show a random kvetch on the page once they get enough in the system.

Share your ideas, and don’t forget to kvetch too. Both will help to improve WordPress and make it a better blogging tool for everyone.

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