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Shuttle : WordPress Administration Redesign Project

When you login to the dashboard of your WordPress blog, what you see is the WordPress administration panel. If you find that it looks cluttered, a shade or color lighter, you can look out for the upcomming changes in the Shuttle – a WordPress Administration Redesign Project.

They have posted a couple of images which suggest different types of theme, plugin and post management templates. Also see the dashboard with and without WordPress news.

“The images below effectively show the future of the WordPress administration panel. These are the images we did on Photoshop, so there is no plugin for you to download, as it�s not been incorporated into the final release yet.

Who was involved? One of the beautiful things about this project was the collaborative effort from people of completely different backgrounds, in completely different countries all working for one goal.”

There are some cool ideas for improving wordpress. They say that Matt Mullenweg (lead developer of WordPress) will be incorporating these into the official WordPress releases in due course.

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