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Smart Ways of Creating More Content for Your Blog

Keeping pace with growing appetite for articles is one of the major challenges before bloggers. As your blog’s following increases, you need to make sure it is updated more often to keep your visitors engaged and let them stay on your blog longer. You also need to add variety to keep your blog fresh and interesting. How do you get more content and variety within your limited resources and time?

1. Repurpose email responses as blog posts

As a blogger, you may be getting emails from your readers. The queries or suggestions in the email can be of interest to your other readers as well. You can answer the query in an article or publish the suggestion on your blog. Don’t forget to respond to the mail and inform your reader.

2. Create a video post

Many people find videos more interactive as it enables them to see the expressions and hear the voice of the individual posting the content. You can prepare a video on a topic and post it on your blog along with a few lines describing what the video is all about. You can also take interviews of experts in your subject area of blogging and include them in the videos. Such videos can help to retain visitors in your blog for longer. Check out how video blogging can help you.

3. Share slideshows

You can share slideshows with a summary of the presentation and additional information. Slideshows are very helpful when you are talking about some difficult topics that require a lot of explanation and illustrations. If you are a professional or educator, you might be having a good collection of presentations. You can also use slideshows by other bloggers with appropriate credits.

4. Expert reports

If you follow the developments in a field very closely, you will be able to come across reports and analyses by several reputed organizations and institutions. You can use these reports as the talking point for some articles. You can also provide a copy of the report on your blog.

5. Invite guest bloggers

If your blog has been able to create a readership and identity, you can invite other bloggers to write guest posts. You will have to provide some incentives in the form of backlinks, exposure to bigger audience and monetary compensation. Guest bloggers will be able to add a new flavour to your blog in the form of perspective and story-telling.

Posting content in different forms gives a variety to your blog and offers a unique online experience to your visitors. Since different visitors prefer to go through different forms of content, therefore, having all such forms in your blog will no doubt help you to keep visitors longer on your blog.

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