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Social Media Optimization: Tips To Make It Work For You

Social media optimization is all about utilizing the various ways or tools with which you can share content across the web and drive maximum traffic to your website or blog. The more transportable your content is, the more exposure it gets and the more you benefit. However, you need to follow certain tips for effective social media optimization. Let’s find out what are the 7 tips to be followed in order to make social media optimization work for you.

1. Keep your site updated to increase linkability

You can’t do much with a static website. There should be regular updation of the content. Also, the there should be variety in the content. I mean that you should create content that naturally spreads across the social media and gets linked to as well.

Whether it is creating list posts, audio or video podcasts, writing white papers to market your products or creating thought pieces, you can have it all on your website. These have higher chances of getting linked to. Also, you can submit content across various content submissions sites and link them to your website. You can also create a blog for your website.

A blog can sometimes help you to connect with people easily, and then you can drive them to your website. Aggregating some of your posts and selling the final product is another way of sharing your content with others.

2. Rewarding incoming links

This is like reciprocating with those who link to your web pages. For instance, if you find the other website or blog’s content good enough, you may link to their pages as well. It’s like appreciating their linking to your site by giving links to their content in return.

3. Let your content spread across the web

If you have content on your site, which is portable in the form of PDF files, audio, videos or PowerPoint presentations, you can submit them in various sites and let your content travel across the web. You can give links to your site from the content in PDF files and presentations. When others go through your content and find it interesting, they can link to it and share it with their audience and they may even come to your site looking for more.

4. Go for social bookmarking and content promotion

Adding buttons to your site or blog in order to get your content shared in Digg, Delicious, Facebook and Twitter, etc. can help you to drive a lot of traffic to your site/blog. Adding a list of relevant tags helps your content to get noticed when people look for bookmarks shared by others in various categories (that match the tags you’ve used) in Delicious. The more people check out your bookmarks, the higher are their chances of getting highlighted in the ‘Popular bookmarks’ category and hence it can bring you more traffic.

Content syndication is another way to share and promote your content across the web. However, it does have its pros and cons. But nevertheless, it’s an effective way to get your content noticed by many. Know why content syndication may be good or bad.

YouTube provides its visitors with a code which they can cut and paste in order to embed YouTube videos in their website or blog. So, if you submit videos in YouTube, you allow many to embed it in their sites or blogs. This way, you share your content up to a certain extent and make your site or blog popular. Of course, people may reuse your content but you still get the credit for having produced it originally.

5. Increase your participation across the social media

It is essential for you to participate across various social media networks, blogs, forums, etc. and interact with the community there. This is how you create awareness about your website or brand. You need to do it consistently so that while you spread your message, you’ll have many others to spread it on your behalf as well.

6. Reward regular visitors who have helped you

You may have regular visitors or members in social networks, who’ve helped in promoting your website/blog. Try to find out ways to promote their work. You can send them an email appreciating their efforts. It’ll make them feel that you value their efforts. This helps you to develop better relationships with such people. In return, they’ll spread the word about you or your work more.

7. Plan how to reach out to your target audience

Identifying your target audience and understanding their requirement are things that can help you catch the attention of many. For example, if you want to drive traffic to our site from a community, you need to produce content that the community would like to read through and enjoy. Of course, you should join that community first and interact with its members. Only then you’ll be able to build relationships with them and get to understand what exactly they’re looking for.

Social media optimization requires you to create content that goes viral and gets shared across a wider audience. You have to reflect your own thoughts within the content to make it different from what others are writing about. Social media optimization also needs you to use new tools and products. You need to experiment with new things so that you can attract more traffic and get them hooked on to your site/blog.

So, analyze your goals and plan ahead if you’d like social media optimization to work in your favour. It will help you to get more exposure, build a brand and gain more traffic that you can turn into regular readers, subscribers or leads.

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