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Spectacula Discussion, WordPress Ajax Comment Plugin

I was searching for a plugin that gives me the possibility of getting comments from my user without refreshing the page. jQuery type of commenting solution. Later i found a wordpress plugin where i not just get ajax commenting feature, also the threaded feature that some wordpress themes dont support by default. It may require some comment template alterations to enable such threaded commenting in wordpress powered blogs.

wordpress comment

Here the wordpress ajax comment plugin, spectacula makes the job of blog owner pretty easy. No hassle hand coding moments when you use spectacula comment pluginin your wordpress blog. Set up is very common as you do for any other wordpress plugin. Install it from your plugin installation page via Dashboard and start using it. Your users will no more have to wait for the page refresh after leaving their comment.

Some sites using Spectacula WordPress Discussion plugin:


Shouting Words

Lets see what the developer says about this great wordpress plugin.

The plugin uses memory tables for fast cacheing within the database (no pesky permission setting for you to worry about here) and adjustible polling times to suit a wide range of server performance.

The plugin is also developer friendly, meaning that you can easily add styles to your theme so that should a user implement the plugin your meticulous design can be carried through. By default there are two styles that should work in most cases. Read below for further instructions.

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