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SplashPlugin – Premium WordPress Plugin

Splash Plugin” is a Word Press plugin that allows you to display static and
dynamic tabs on the left and/or right side of your website. They are
non-intrusive and a fun way get attention. You have control on how the
tabs will look using our built-in tools or our pre-designed tabs.

Here’s What You Get:

# WordPress Plugin that allows you to quickly and easily create Splash Tabs on either sides of the screen

# You can add any content into the tabs, including: ads, messages, videos, images, opt-ins, polls, announcements, etc.

# You can use our built-in tool to create any size tab you want or you can upload your own background image.

# You can position the tab as “absolute” (you can’t see it if you scroll down) and “fixed” (you can see it regardless of where you scroll to.

# 42 Pre-Designed Tabs with 7 designs, 3 sizes and on both sides

# 42 PSD Files that has other presets that can be an easy 84 tabs







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