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Success Talisman: Give 100% and Then Some More

Give more than 100% to whatever you do! I am not the first person to say this. If you are a sportsperson, you must have heard it from your coach. Your mother or class teacher might have told you this.

Everyone knows this “more than 100%” golden rule, but just a few practice it. These are the people who are the most successful people in every job or profession and in everyday life. This golden rule is for everyone but more so for you guys out there who want to make money online. If you had long forgotten the golden rule, it is time you put them on your walls.

As bloggers, freelance writers, designers and marketers, you have to face strong competition. There are millions of them out there who are competing with you. So you must do give your best performance each and every time.

If I give my best, that is only 100%?

Yes. If you asked this question, you are right. Till now we have only given 100% to what we are doing. As a blogger, you gave the best advice to people. As a freelance writer, you delivered the promised articles on time with the best quality. As a designer, you gave the pixel-perfect themes.

You have given 100%, but the golden rule says more than 100%. How is it possible?

Last week, I helped a person move his WordPress site from one domain to another. We had agreed upon $100 for the job which required moving the site and optimizing it for SEO. The person had already bought a domain name but I knew he could get a better one. So I suggested him another domain name with a better keyword for his site. I had to spend a few minutes with Google, but I did it without being under any obligation. After moving the website to its new location, I tweaked its logo to reflect the new domain name. This wasn’t part of the deal but a logo with old domain name would have looked awful. So I spent a 15 minutes fixing the logo. I delivered more than what I had promised. Without any conscious effort, I gave more than 100%. The site owner was very happy. He sent me an email saying he liked the website and the extra effort that I had put in to tweak the logo. This was not all that he did to show his appreciation. He sent me $20as a “gift”.

This person was very generous to send me additional $20 for the extra effort that I had put. Not all will send you extra money but they will surely appreciate your gesture. You will make it to their good books and possibly forge a long-term work relationship.

All you Web workers out there, start giving more than what you have been paid for. When you promise to design a logo, throw in a free favicon/icon or something. When you agree to write 500-word articles, make sure that you write “some more” words. When you write your blog posts, make sure to offer “something more” on your blog. The “some more” effort will make you stand out from the crowd of perfectionists. You will have “something more” to offer. Who doesn’t like to get “some more”? Don’t you?

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