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Ten Things You Shouldn’t Do When You’re Blogging

Most bloggers make mistakes when they start blogging and it takes quite some time before you can actually realize it. Here are the 10 things you shouldn’t do when you’re blogging.

1. Not knowing the purpose of blogging: It’s important to know why you’re blogging. Otherwise, you won’t be able to plan and achieve your purpose.

2. Hosting your blog elsewhere: If you’re hosting your blog on the WordPress website, you can’t customize your blog the way you want. Also, you’ll be using a template that others too will use. Moreover, the blog URL will be something like www.wordpress.yourname.com instead of www.yourname.com . So, self-host your blog and have full control over it!

3. Not updating your blog: Try updating your blog at regular intervals, as otherwise readers tend to forget about you. Blogging at regular intervals helps you get casual flow of traffic from search engine and social media. You can then expect to get comments on your blog and communicate with your target audience.

4. Not writing as if you’re talking: Try writing as if you’re communicating with the readers. Present any technical material in simple and easy-to-read language. Stick to your writing style, as regular readers expect to find consistency in it.

5. Neglecting your blog post titles: You may write great posts, but if they don’t have catchy titles, it will not attract the readers’ attention.

6. Writing for SEO and not your readers: While you may focus on search engine optimization, make sure you give priority to your readers. So, you may use keywords up to an optimum level, but it shouldn’t disturb the flow of content. Also, link your posts only if they’re relevant to each other. Read about SEO blunders you should avoid when blogging.

7. Highlighting too many ads: It is good to have enough space for ads in your blog. But if it pushes the content down too far, you’ll lose some readership, as not all readers will scroll down towards the end of the page.

8. Not communicating with other bloggers: If you don’t visit blogs in your niche and comment there, you’ll find it hard to bring others to your blog. You may give a link to a related post in your blog. While you do so, the other bloggers may visit your blog and comment. This way, you’ll start communicating with a wider audience, thus making our blog popular. While you communicate with your readers and other bloggers, make sure they know who you are and what you can offer them.

9. Not giving links to other blogs: Try giving links to other blogs as you may earn a link in return. The other blogger may appreciate it. You may also get visitors through that link.

10. Not rewarding thoughtful readers: If you have readers making thoughtful comments in your blog, invite them to post as a guest writer in your blog. Make the guest contribution a regular feature in your blog. This is one way of giving priority to your readers and showing that their voice can be heard.

So, have you ever made such mistakes when blogging? Is there any other mistake you find bloggers doing? Feel free to share it here.

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