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Ten Tips For Freelance Writers to Get Blogging Jobs

Blogging jobs are unlikely to make you rich, but they can surely help you earn some bucks to supplement your income or pocket money. Plenty of websites and companies are hiring freelance writers to contribute blog posts and editorials. If you skim through Craigslist and freelance job sites, you can find plenty of jobs that suit your interest and keep your pocket happy.

For any good freelance blogging job, there will be dozens, if not hundreds, of people applying for the job. I also have had opportunity to hire freelance bloggers for blogs that I own. In the process, I learned a lot about freelance writers and the application process. Once you sift through a plethora of emails, you can easily see that the best applications stand out from the rest. What works and what doesn’t when it comes to getting noticed and seeming fit for the job?

I though it would be good idea to share the things that I look for in job applications from freelancers. Hope these tips will help freelance writers who apply for blogging jobs. To open more avenues, you should also know how to successfully pitch for guest blogging.

1. Have a catchy subject line

Unless the job posting specifies a particular title for your email, use something catchy and creative. A unique subject line will make your email stand out among the rest. Instead of “Application for the blogger position,” think of something less stale.

2. Personalize the mail

Don’t use a template. If you know the name of the person who will be reading the mail, address him. If not, make references to the website or blog. Don’t try to just “Find-Replace” name. Write a brief and crisp email for each new application. Should take  not more than a minute or two.

3. Read the job listing

If it seems like a prerequisite, let me tell you that a lot of people don’t bother to read the complete job posting. I get many emails written by people who didn’t take the trouble to read the job posting. How do I know? They do not follow the procedure or don’t send the required sample. Sometimes they ask questions that they wouldn’t have asked if they had read the mail. No prizes for guessing what I do with these emails. Trash can, please!

4. Get the details right

If you are going to use someone’s name or the name of the company/website in your email, don’t make any mistakes. A wrong spelling is not a big deal, but it doesn’t make a great impression. What a lousy person? A blogger is supposed to get things right while writing about life experiences or opinions. There is no scope for mistakes when you will be the only person reading the article before it’s fired on the blog or website.

5. Show some personality

Blogs are a reflection of the blogger’s personality. If you are applying for any blogging job, make sure that your personality complements that of the blog you want to write for. If it’s a humour site, try to show your funny side. If you apply for some technology blog, the person reading the mail will want to know if you are nerd enough to join the crowd. Don’t talk about things that do not have any relevance to the job. If you are applying for a tech blogging job, don’t mention that you are a guitar maestro. What you write in your email is going to be your first writing sample.

6. Include appropriate writing samples

Your sample should meet the requirements of the blog you are applying to write for as closely as possible. What am I supposed to do if I get writing sample about beauty tips and losing weight for a freelance tech blogger job?

7. Highlight areas of interest/strength

If you’re applying for a blog that has various topics or categories, highlight which topics interest you the most. If a particular niche or topic is your area of interest, it will give you an edge over other people who have no area of specialization.

8. Proofread your email

Even the best writers make spelling and grammar mistakes. I will try to ignore a typo or grammatical mistake. However, if your email is a cocktail of errors, I can only trash your mail. Read your email to check for any silly error or typo that might have crept in while you were busy focusing on the content. It will make you look more professional and legit as a writer.

9. Be font-smart

What are the three things to decide when formatting your email? Font Type, Colour and Size. When formatting your email, don’t try to stand out. Stick with standard font types such as Verdana, Arial or Times New Roman. Black is beautiful for emails. Pick a standard font size.

10. Don’t act like a content writer

A lot of applicants are actually content writers who can juggle with words and create a copy for you. I have had some experience with copywriters who write to meet the word count rather than provide useful and interesting articles. I don’t want to waste money on crap. Apply for a blogging job as a blogger. If you just want to meet word count on any topic thrown at you, look for content writing jobs.

I hope these tips will help you get the blogging  jobs that you apply for. Best of luck!

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