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The Correct Way to Use AWeber Integration

One of my customers for the WordPress membership plugin asked me the following question this morning:

My friend’s AWeber account got suspended because he was using a membership script that integrated AWeber in a manner which violated AWeber’s terms of use. Can you please confirm that the WP eMember plugin uses the correct way of AWeber integration?

The answer was simple… Yes, the WP eMember plugin uses the correct way of AWeber integration but I thought elaborating on this topic will add value to my other readers (specially to people who use AWeber).

The Problem (Using Wrong Integration Method)

Many 3rd party scripts use background posting to signup a visitor to AWeber’s list. It’s against AWeber’s TOS (Terms of Service) for a script to post the user data in the background. So if you use a script that is doing this then you are violating AWeber’s TOS and they have the right to suspend your account.

AWeber has the highest email delivery guarantee in the industry.  Email deliverability refers to whether emails sent to your customer lists make it through without being caught in their ISP’s spam filter. This is one of the major factors as to why people use an external autoresponder service. AWeber don’t want to loose this advantage by allowing scripts to do background manipulation.

The Solution (Use Correct Integration Method)

Now, it doesn’t mean that a 3rd party script cannot be integrated with AWeber without violating their TOS. AWeber lets you integrate 3rd party scripts by using “Email Parsers”.

What Are Email Parsers?

An email parser is a technology that allows you to integrate your campaign with services so that when a transaction is made with the service, a subscriber can be added to your campaign.

For example, you might use PayPal as a shopping cart for your products. You can use an email parser to automatically subscribe customers when they make a purchase from you.

How to Create an Email Parser?

You can create a custom email parser for your script from your AWeber account. To add a new custom email parser select “Email Parser” from the “My Lists” menu and choose “Add New” from the “Custom Parsers” section.

  • My List -> Email Parser
  • Custom Parsers -> Add New

The new email parser configuration will look similar to the following (Click to enlarge)

AWeber Custom Email Parser

You can specify the trigger rules using regular expression.

Here is a typical subscription flow that you can expect when you use this process:

  1. User makes a payment for a product or service.
  2. Your script sends out an email to “listname@aweber.com” with the name and email address of the user.
  3. Since the email parser at AWeber is setup, it will now add the subscriber to the AWeber list “listname”.

In summary, use the AWeber form or an email parser to sign up your subscribers. If you are a developer please use the correct method so a user’s account does not get suspended because of your fault.

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