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Transmit Free RSS Aggregation WordPress Theme

Transmit is a FREE RSS aggregation theme built for transmitting feeds from any website.

Transmit is a simple RSS aggregation theme inspired by “AllTop.com”. Transmit allows you to configure a single page with an unlimited number of RSS feeds from any website. If you are looking for an advanced blogging or news theme, this is definitely NOT the theme for you. You can create static pages, but this theme does not support blog posts at this time (which is by design). You can also add standard 468×60 and 728×90 advertisements via the theme options page.


  • Widgetized Content Areas -e.g. Sidebars & Footers
  • Custom Menu Management -Use Default or Completely Custom Menus
  • Network Installation Support
  • Press75.com “Simple Panel” Theme Options Page
  • Logo Customization Options -Use Text or Custom Logo Image
  • Theme Style Customization Options -Background & Content Colors
  • Advertisement Integration Options
  • Custom Page Templates -e.g. Full Width Pages
  • Custom Theme Widgets -Featued Content, Advertisements, etc.
  • Customizable Footer Text -Disable or Cusom Footer Text
  • Google Analytics Integration Options

Download Transmit Free RSS Aggregation WordPress Theme

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