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Two Simple PayPal Security Related Tips

If you are using any of my WordPress shopping cart plugins (WP eStore orWP Simple Shopping Cart) then chances are that you have a PayPal account and making a bit of money selling your stuff online too. Next step is to keep your money safe so you don’t loose it from hacking related issues or get fooled by some scam email.


In this post I have shared two simple PayPal security related tips that you can start using and add that extra layer of security and sleep better at night. The first one is to add more protection around your PayPal account login.

Use The PayPal security key

The security key gives you an extra layer of security when you log in to your PayPal account. It creates random security codes to use along with your regular username and password.

It’s like a combination lock for your account – designed to let you in and keep others out – except that the combination always changes. It comes in 2 types, each with different advantages:

  • Security key: This is a small device, the size of a credit card that you carry with you. It creates a unique security code that you use to log in to your account.
  • Mobile phone security key: You can get temporary security codes on your mobile phone by text messages (also called SMS).

Basically you log into your PayPal account as you normally would. After you enter your username and password, you’ll be asked to enter a security code. Once you enter the security code from the hard token you are granted access to your account. So for anyone to be able to hack into your paypal account will have to hack your account password and also have the security token at the same time!

It cost $5 to order a security key (at the time of writing this post) and it is very simple to order and activate.

Ordering PayPal Security Key

Order your PayPal security key now from PayPal.

The second tip is on adding more security around the email communication between you and PayPal.

Use Email Identification

Ever wonder if that PayPal email is real? You can use PayPal’s Iconix email identification tool, which can reduce phishing by confirming whether or not an email is really from PayPal.

If you are using Gmail like myself then you can get visual verification of the authenticity of emails from PayPal and eBay by turning on the authentication icon from the Labs tab under settings. Doing so attaches an icon that looks like a key to emails from these verified senders. see screenshot below:

Gmail Secure Email Icon

Now, whenever you receive an email from PayPal you will immediately know if it was genuinely sent from PayPal or not… No more wasting time!

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