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Use One Email Address with Multiple Twitter Accounts

Twitter does not allow users to create multiple accounts using one email address. Normally, it should not be a concern, but occasionally one might need more than one Twitter accounts. For example, one Twitter handle for personal tweets and the other for giving automated updates about a website or blog.

If you have a Gmail account (Who hasn’t!), you can register multiple Twitter accounts with single email address, using a simple hack.

All Gmail addresses are assigned an alternative Googlemail email address as well; if your Gmail address is papercup@gmail.com, you receive email as papercup@googlemail.com as well.

Need some more alternative addresses! Gmail does not recognize dots (.) in email addresses. For Gmail, papercup@gmail.com is same as paper.cup@gmail.com or pap.er.cup@gmail.com or paper..cup@gmail.com. Make as many combinations as you want and use them for creating multiple Twitter accounts.

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