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Videoblogging – Automatic WordPress Video Plugin

Do Videoblogging For Money

Videoblogging is not just for fun, but it is a great possibility for online business. Nowadays, videos are the most popular source on the net, great percentage of the internet users when search for information check videos instead of articles. Videoblogging on a well-chosen niche can generate you good income. Moreover, if you automatize your videoblogging efforts, you can make the whole process simpler and more effective.   My Video Poster is an automatic WordPress Video Plugin that can be setup to use as many Youtube RSS feeds, keywords and others to post videos automatically to your blog. Videoblogging software creates a thumbnail of the video, import Youtube comments filtered by WordPress spam filter. Of course, you can add videos manually if you wish.

What is this Videoblogging software good for:

  • Automatically make video blog posts.
  • Add useful video content to your niche video blog.
  • To create an autopilot video blog on a niche.

Features of This WordPress Video plugin:

  • Post videos automatically from as many RSS Feeds from Youtube as you want!
  • You can set video options!
  • Research niches, useful keywords directly from the plugin and get a list of potential RSS feeds!
  • You can set up the posting interval and amount of the videos! This is crucial for automatic videoblogging.
  • Post Youtube comments on the video
  • Can automatically create tags for the videos! (optional)
  • Optimizing  the titles for better SEO
  • Downloads and saves the thumbnail images and it also renames the thumbs for better SEO (optional)
  • Renames the thumbnails for better SEO!
  • Use and customize to almost any WordPress Theme!

To sum up, if you use this automatic WordPress video plugin for videoblogging you can save time and automatize everything. You can simply set up tens of profitable video blogs on many niche.








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