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Visitors Don’t Stay On Your Blog? Remove The Faults

If you find that visitors are not staying on your blog longer or you don’t have a good number of returning visitors, it’s time you analyze what’s wrong with your blog. Given below are a few reasons why visitors may turn away from your blog fast. Read through them and find out the solutions to such problems.

Why visitors may leave your blog fast

Reason 1: Your blog design is not appealing

Visitors may leave your blog fast if your blog design appears to be hard on their eyes. Sometimes, there are flashy elements including animated pictures, clashing text and images and loud music. This gets quite irritating because visitors don’t like to sort out their way through too much of images and animation to find out what you want to say in your content. They’ll consider it a better choice to go through another blog or site having information on the topic they’re looking for.

Sometimes, visitors don’t prefer the theme or the template used on your blog. For example, if they land up on a blog and find the background color to be black, they may not find it easy to read the content or navigate around. So, this is something that bloggers need to take care of.

Solution: The solution to this problem is to have a theme that’s mostly in white as because people are used to reading on white, which is soothing for their eyes too. Make sure that your blog has a simple and clean background with fonts and colors that don’t clutter the eyes and make it difficult to read the content. The design should be simple and visually appealing. Avoid using bold in too many places as it is stressful for the eyes. Also, the design should not make the content obscure. Avoid adding too many elements in your design, which can distract the readers’ attention and make them leave your blog.

As far as the theme is concerned, go for one that’s customized for your blog. It may be a bit expensive but it does make your blog different from others. You can also get a logo designed for your blog. You’ll have to spend a few dollars on it but these things are just perfect if you’d like to build a brand out of your blog. Also, hire a professional if you’d like to edit the theme using plugins or change the design, in case you don’t think that you can do it efficiently.

Reason 2: Your content quality isn’t good

Visitors won’t stay on your blog longer if they don’t find your content interesting and informative. Also, they won’t read your content fully if they find it is similar to what’s available on other site or blog. Poor style of writing and grammatical mistakes are other factors which can turn your visitors away because they won’t like to struggle while reading your posts.

Another thing that may put off your readers is an uninteresting post title. Many a times, visitors coming from the search engine don’t even click on to your posts just because your title doesn’t reveal that your blog can actually provide them with the information they’re looking for.

Solution: Stick to a simple writing style; keep your write-up clear, concise (don’t make it unnecessarily lengthy) and original. Avoid literary expressions and a scholarly tone to keep the visitors engaged to your content.

Now, the fact remains that you can’t change a concept when you write your post. Say for example, if you’re writing about search engine optimization (SEO), you can’t create a new concept regarding the basics. However, if you’d like to make your write-up different from other articles on SEO, try highlighting those points or aspects which some of your competitors or fellow bloggers haven’t used at all. This will make your post unique and it’ll be an interesting read!

Reason 3: Your blog is cluttered with advertisements

Too much advertising on blogs may distract the visitors’ attention. Let’s say, you’re about to open the home page of a blog or site and what you find is a pop-up ad asking you to perform a certain action. You have to use the close button to find your way to the content.
Now, after a few seconds, the pop-up reappears and this goes on as long as you’re on the home page. This is quite disturbing for many. In-line text ads getting in the way of your content can sometimes irritate visitors, and they may leave without reading your content.

Solution: Avoid letting the ads pop up in every few seconds. Also, make sure you choose the right position for advertising on your blog. Know more about how to place ads on blogs.

Reason 4: There aren’t too many comments on your posts

Visitors getting into your blog and finding lack of comments in your posts may turn away fast. That’s because they won’t consider your content as useful enough. So, they may not feel like going through it.

Solution: Choose interesting topics that generate interest amongst your visitors, and hook them into reading your posts. Also, ask them to share their feedback in the comments section. Find outhow to encourage more comments from your readers.

These are some of the reasons why you may not have visitors spending enough time on your blog. Have you been through any of these situations? What steps have you taken in order to make sure that your visitors don’t leave your blog fast?

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