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Why is Website Backup Important

Creating backups of a website or blog is very important part of maintaining a website. You can never be lax on this part as failure to do so may cause havoc. An attack by hackers or a server breakdown is all it takes to lose a website. Though, a website can be soon restored, the content may get lost for ever in the process if there’s no backup to fall back on.

Blindboys.org Loses Content After Being Hacked

Recently, a photocommune website powered by WordPress lost the work uploaded on the site in years by its community after the website was taken over by some hackers. They didn’t have the website backed up for such exigencies.

In WordPress, getting a backup of posts is just a few clicks away. Go to your WordPress blogs Dashboard> Tool> Export. Save the XML file safely for use in case of any exigency. However, to save the images, you will have to download the “Uploads” folder from your server where all uploaded media is saved. If you haven’t changed the location, this “Uploads” folder will be available in the WP-Content folder. Use an FTP client such as FileZilla to backup the folder on your local disk. Also, there are severalWordPress plugins to create backups.

Backing up your website is like buying an insurance policy. No one wants to die in a freak accident or suffer from some life-threatening diseases, but one can never be sure of what will happen the next moment. That’s why people buy life and medical insurances to be prepared for such exigencies.

A website or blog owner should create backups of his/her blog or site at regular intervals. The frequency of backups should depend on how frequently the website gets updated. If it gets a few posts every day, it’s better to back up this website daily. If it gets a few posts in a week, creating backups once every week should suffice. It all depends on the number of posts/content that a website owner is willing to lose. If you want to ensure every post remains safe in a backup, the website will have to updated every time fresh content is added to it. Sounds like an uphill task?

In the event of some technical glitch or data loss, all it will take is some time to get things fixed and update the website with the backup content. No irreversible damage done, except for the downtime. Same with the case of a website being hacked. Had the above mentioned website maintained a backup, they wouldn’t have to write a post full of optimism saying they lost the entire content of their website for the good. It will give them the chance to improve the website.

Have you backed up your website of blog? How often do you do it? Share your experience with others in the comments.

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