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Why WordPress

Ok so you have decided to make your presence felt on the internet, but do not know where to start or what to do? You have landed on the right place.

Novice or professional the best way to instantly get a site running is by using WordPress, well apart for registering a domain name and getting a web space. Though there are 2 versions of WordPress available one that comes with hosting and other that requires self hosting.

If you really are serious about blogging buy a domain name and a webspace. You can go for dedicated or shared hosting. Shared hosting can be upgraded to dedicated whenever you want.

For non serious bloggers you can use the wordpress.com blog that can be setup in seconds and which does not required any domain or webspace, as everything is managed by wordpress. Later on when you get serious (read the previous paragraph).

Why WordPress (WP)?
WordPress is a favourite blogging platform for many professionals as well as non-professional. WordPress is cheap, powerful and best part, it is easy to use.

With WordPress on you site all you need to do is concentrate on quality content and post it, WordPress does the rest.

With WordPress you can change the look and feel whenever you want. There are thousands of themes that you can choose from, not to mention host of plugin’s that can perform specific task as per your requirement.

Two important features of WordPress are categories and pinging. Categories helps improve site/blog structure it not only helps humans navigate but also help search engine crawl and index better.

WordPress helps you promote your articles by pinging all RSS and blog directories that helps in getting instant traffic. RSS feeds are easily created even for categories. If people like your blogs they can subscribe to your RSS feeds.

WP is well coded, SEO optimized and search engine friendly. You can instantly add new features on your blog with a click of a button.

If you want to add social networking support, just search for social networking widgets and install the plugin and activate it. You blog is now social networking enabled. As easy as 1 – 2 – 3.

With WordPress you will never require programmers or web designers, WordPress is made ready. If you ever face problems check the WP forums you definitely would find an answer there.

11.4 million Blogs are running on the WordPress platform as of June 2010. You are not alone!

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