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WordPress 2.0.7 Fixes PHP Security and Feedburner Bugs

Just 10 days back there was a new release of WordPress 2.0.6, recommended as an essential security upgrade for all WordPress users. Then a Feedburner issue bugged the release and now they have released WordPress 2.0.7 that fixes PHP security problems and those Feedburner issues.

Its a small selective, but essential update and you can update only these files that have changed from WordPress 2.0.6 -

* wp-admin/inline-uploading.php
* wp-admin/post.php
* wp-includes/classes.php
* wp-includes/functions.php
* wp-settings.php
* wp-includes/version.php

Download WordPress 2.0.7. I am glad they released information about these updated files, and upgrading to WordPress 2.0.7 was a quick as it can be. WordPress 2.1 is expected at the end of this month.

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