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WordPress Akismet Alternative

I am not running any campaign against Akismet or Automatic. I love wordpress and the total Automatic team without any doubt. However, the Akismet plugin is not effective as before. So i was seeking for some alternatives to akisment for protecting my blog against the number of spam comments i receive everyday. Ofcourse, i am not alone in the blogosphere. I have millions of bloggers as my company. I can see that when you nod your head while reading this :)

When i was trying to give some ideas about getting more comments to your blog“, one of my genuine blog reader have left a master piece suggestion :) as a comment, which really made me to think and implement it in one of my blog. And so far its good and passed 2 days testing. i will surely come up with a complete report for the entire month once its done.


Spammers basically use some Bots and Auto Comment software or script to fill our Comment Box. This can be avoided using this Anti-Captcha Plugin. Let see the way the anti captcha plugin works to say good bye to spam comments.

Step 1: Browse for “Anti-Captcha” plugin from Dashboard and install it.

Step 2: Disable Akismet (optional)


Download Anti-Captcha Manually

No more steps to follow :) . The Anti Captcha plugin is actually an invisible Javascript code that will only let users who actually browse the web using browser agent. If they use any Bots then it strictly restricts them from commenting by displaying a captcha.

The aim of this plugin is to prevent automated attacks (by bots) on the following WordPress actions:

  • Posting comments
  • Authenticating
  • Registering for a new account
  • Requesting a lost password

When a comment is posted without a valid Anti-Captcha token, it shall be instantly marked as spam. This way, you can always manually approve this comment in hindsight if it appeared to be sincere.

I really appreciate the user feedback to know whether the same works for others or any negatives in play. Thanks to Slava for the great suggestion. If you also have any other best plugin or solution to fight the spam comments in wordpress blog then please do add them in comment. Thanks a lot for your patience.

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