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WordPress Blog Vitals Plugin – Show Your Blog’s Vital Statistics to Your Visitors


Simple WordPress Stats Plugin to show Google Page Rank, Alexa rank, Technorati rank, Feedburner Feed Count, Number of Posts, Comments, Trackbacks etc anywhere on your wordpress blog to show off to your visitors. If you don’t want the hassle of updating your “Advertise Here” page of your blog every few days with the important statistics then this plugin will come in handy.


Plugin Screenshot

Wordpress Blog Vitals Screenshot

WordPress Blog Vitals Screenshot


You can see a working demo of this plugin on the sidebar of this blog.


  1. Unzip and Upload the folder ‘wordpress-blog-vitals’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to Settings and configure the options eg. which stats you want to show off, caching time etc.
  4. Use the widget, trigger text or call the php function to show the stats.


There are three ways you can use this plugin:

1. Add the following shortcode to a post or page to show the stats


2. Use the following function from a template (.php) file

3. Use the ‘WP Blog Vitals’ widget from the widgets menu

Additional Documentation

The following php functions can be used to display/retrieve specific stats:

  • <?php echo vitals_getpagerank(URL); ?> – Displays the Google page rank of the URL specified.
  • <?php echo vitals_get_cached_alexa_rank(URL); ?> – Displays the Alexa rank of the URL specified.
  • <?php echo vitals_get_cached_technorati_rank(URL); ?>– Displays the Technorati rank of the URL specified.
  • <?php echo vitals_get_cached_post_count(); ?> – Displays the total number of blog posts.
  • <?php echo vitals_get_cached_comments_count(); ?> – Displays the total number of blog comments.
  • <?php echo vitals_get_cached_pingbacks_count(); ?> – Displays the total number of trackbacks.

Replace ‘URL’ with the actual URL of the site. For example, to show the Alexa Rank of tips and tricks HQ site I would use the following code in my .php (template) files:
<?php echo vitals_get_cached_alexa_rank(‘http://www.tipsandtricks-hq.com’); ?>

The cached version of the function is used rather than the live one to improve page load time.

Donation Option

Donation option can be found on my projects page.

Download Latest Version (v1.5)

Download the WordPress Blog Vitals plugin.

I will be updating this plugin over the next few days and add more stats and other options. Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comment area below and don’t forget to subscribe to stay upto date.

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