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WordPress Custom Fields Contest

If you are a wordpress blogger, how many times have you used the often overlooked feature called Custom Fields. It is sitting below this post page as I type and though I look at it everyday, I never got around to using it. Technosailor is organizing the WordPress Custom Fields Contest to bring forth the usefulness of this feature and its possible applications.

The basic goal is to demonstrate the most effective use of custom fields on your WordPress blog. Judging will be done based on Visual Aesthetics, Code Example and SEO benefits. The 5 judges are Jay Allen, Ben Bleikamp, David Krug, Darren Rowse and Andrew Eye. Send an email to them with your name, url, code samples and an explanation. This contest will go through till February 28, 2007.

WordPress Codex describes how you can use custom fields.

“WordPress has the ability to allow post authors to assign custom fields to a post. This arbitrary extra information is known as meta-data. This meta-data can include bits of information such as:
* Mood: Happy
* Currently Reading: Cinderella
* Listening To: Rock Around the Clock
* Weather: Hot and humid
With some extra coding, it is possible to achieve more complex actions, such as using the metadata to store an expiration date for a post.”

I am sure this contest will highlight some cool uses for this much overlooked WordPress feature.

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