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WordPress Tips How to get rid of the word category in the URL

All WordPress installations by default come with the /category/ word which can be replaced but there is no option to get rid of it. Getting real categories closer to the root domain really helps when it comes to SEO.

Assume you have WordPress setup with URL structure as




And so on.

Changing it to




would mean a better site structure, for visitors and for search engines.

There are some plug-in and work around but you may need to change your URL to make it work.

Download this plugin Top Level Categories

Unzip and copy into wp-content/plugins directory. Activate and your are ready.

You will immediately see that the category word is gone but hold on go through all the categories and even check the pages if they are working in some cases it will.

In case you get a 404 page not found error most probably your permanent link structure in WordPress is


If this is your setting the second level directory will not work meaning

http://www.yoursite.com/games/ will work but
http://www.yoursite.com/games/page/1 will not.

However there is a workaround but at a cost. That is changing the URL.
Simply changing the permanent link structure to

%category%/%postname%.html or (.htm) will get all things working.

If your site is already doing well and has a good page rank this may not be a good option. You can change and try the permalink redirection plugin but there could be traffic loss and it may take months before the page rank reverts back. So try it at your own risk.

If your site is new go ahead no harm.

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