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WordPress URL Permalink Setting that works best

If you have just starting your WordPress blog it is important that you decide the Permanent links and set it up using the URL Permalink Settings. As the name suggests the Permanent links are permanent URLs for each of your post, tags, pages and categories. Permalinks are very important SEO ingredient for your site, so make sure you know what you are doing.

The best part about WordPress is that it is a perfect piece of software that is born ready. A WordPress blog has it all which includes SEO friendliness. So let’s move ahead and find out about Permalinks and which settings work the best with search engines.
By default WordPress assigns the following Permalinks ( sitename.com/?p=1) . You need to change to more meaningful linking and that is search engine friendly. To change the permanent link on your site login to wp-admin and look for settings > and click Permalinks.

permalink settings in WordPress

If your site is old and already have some pages and you want to change to a new URL structure make sure you use the Permalink Redirect plugin which will redirect old URL to the new one and maintain the Page Rank, without this it would be a disaster.

Before we move on to choosing the permalinks let us have a look at some of the options. There are different tags options available using which you can create a new URL link.

%author% = Author Name
%tag% = The Tag Slug
%category%= The Category Slug
%post_id% = The Numeric value of the post ID
%postname% = The Post Slug
%second%, %minute%, %hour%, %day%, %year% and %monthnum%= The name says it all.

Which is the best URL combination works well with the Search Engine

Now since you know are aware of structure tags, you can create any combination. Listed below are some of the commonly used combination that works pretty well with search engine and many blogger and websites are using it.

From SEO perspective we simply cannot ignore the %postname% tag and you will find this in all the combination listed below.

1. /%year%/%monthnum%/%postname% or /%year%/%postname%
You will find this structure on many of the sites. Even big bloggers use the same URL structure. This structure is not only search engine friendly but also user friendly as they can see the year and/or the month number and can easily know the age of the article.

2. /%catgeory%/%postname% or /%tag%/%postname%
This is good option but may cause problem if the category or the tag name is changed. It is a good option if your blog post covers many different categories.

3. /%postname% or /%postname%.html
Probably the simplest and the best combination that a WordPress blog can ever have. I am personally using it (check out gogi.in URL in your web browser). The best part that I like about it is that the link is not depended on the category or tags which may be linking to a post. At any given point of time if you change the category or the tag the URL is still the same.

Another important point is that the URL is short and close to the root (domain name) which goes well with search engine.

So go ahead, choose and make a permanent mark.

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