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WP PDF Stamper Plugin – Stamp Your eBooks with Customer Details to Discourage File Sharing

1. Are you selling eBook(s) from your WordPress site?

2. Are you concerned that one of your customers might upload your eBook on a file sharing site and you will lose sales?

3. Would you like to automatically stamp the footer of your PDF eBooks with the customer’s personal details (e.g. name, email, address) upon purchase to discourage sharing?

If you have answered “yes” to all of the above then the WP PDF Stamper plugin will be the perfect solution for your site.

Plugin Summary

The WP PDF Stamper plugin allows you to dynamically stamp a PDF file with the customer’s details (e.g. name, email, address etc.) upon purchase. The stamper then sends the stamped copy of the PDF file to the customer via email. If you are wondering why it is important to stamp the PDF eBook before giving it to your customer then this page is for you.

Additionally, you can password protect the stamped PDF files with the customer’s email address and encrypt the PDF files to prevent users from being able to copy, modify or print the content of the file.

Plugin Features

Below are just some of the notable features of the WP PDF Stamper Plugin:

wordpress icon

Easy Installation

Easy installation like any of our other WordPress plugin.

protect ebooks

eBook Protection

Protect your eBook(s) from being shared on the file sharing sites.

Password protection PDF files

Password Protect PDF Files

Password protect your stamped PDF files with the customer’s email address or with a fixed password.

Encrypt PDF files

Encrypt PDF Files

Automatically encrypt the stamped PDF files to prevent users from being able to copy, modify or print the content of the file.

PayPal Integration

Easy PayPal Integration

Can be easily integrated with a plain PayPal “Buy” button. Read more here.

wordpress shopping cart icon

Can be Integrated with WP eStore

Pre-integrated with the WP eStore (WordPress Shopping Cart) plugin so your PDF eBook will be automatically stamped upon purchase then delivered to your customer via encrypted link.

great support icon

Great Support

Visit the support site to explore the available product support options.

Plugin Demo

Footer Stamp Visual Overview

Documentation & Technical Support

If you are having any issue with this plugin then feel free to leave a comment in the comment area below or on the documentation site or post it on the support forum.

Minimum Requirements

License Agreement

Buy the WP PDF Stamper Plugin

Get the PDF Stamper Plugin now and stop loosing out on your eBook sales.

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