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WP Redirect Bot – Premium WordPress Plugin

WP Redirect Bot is one of the simplest to use yet most useful plugins for WordPress that’s been released.

It’s almost like having your own personal URL redirection service and is perfect for shortening and hiding affiliate links!

All without have to hack your theme or figuring out how to update the Unix .htaccess file…

Simply install WP Redirect Bot as you would any plugin and you’re ready to use it to redirect any post or page.

After installation, whenever you add or edit a post and page you will see an entry area

To use it, just create a blog post or page (it can be blank post or page) and enter the Web address of desired destination in the box labeled “Redirect to this URL?” and you’re done.

Then when someone clicks a redirected link it doesn’t go to the link but goes to the Web page that you had entered when you created the post or page.

No technical knowledge required, no inconvenient shorteners… just enter the Web address and you’re done.

You’ll Be Making More Money and . . .

Not only will you be pocketing lots of extra cash but WP Redirect Bot will benefit you in many other important ways:

  • You can redirect any blog post or page to any location on the Internet.
  • Don’t break or lose your all-important back links — you can easily change your permalinks without any loss.
  • Don’t frustrate and lose visitors with “404 page not found” errors by redirectly pages that have common misspellings.
  • Improve the SEO of your blog posts and pages by making SEO-friendly web addresses.
  • Create nicer and easier to remember Web addresses — these are also great for podcasts.
  • Easily move and rearrange your pages or even your entire blog.
  • Find your best performing links with the automatic link tracking statistics on every redirected link.

Bigger bank account… Better SEO… Saving your back links… What more could you ask for?













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