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WPMS Mobile Edition

I’ve just discovered an essential plugin: Word Press Multi Site Mobile Edition – it automatically provides an alternative Mobile Theme version of your site.

Don’t let the Multi Site in the name mislead you – this plugin works equally well on standard single site installations as well as MultiSite versions of WP 3.

After you install this plugin (and associated Mobile Theme), whenever your site is accessed by a mobile device such as an iPhone, Android phone, or almost any other phone with a web browser, your site will be automatically switched to the Mobile Theme, and deliver a very nice browsing experience.

The default mobile theme used, Carrington Mobile, is very vanilla – but very effective. It does a very good job of mapping your site to a sequence of easy to navigate bars.

You may have worked hard on making a really great design for your site, but often all that is lost when your site is accessed from a smart phone. Adding this plugin will provide a very usable interface to your site’s content for mobile users, and it will let them know that you’ve taken that extra step to accommodate them. I consider this plugin almost a required feature of any modern website, and highly recommend it.

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