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WPUnique – Premium WordPress Plugin

WPUnique, the WordPress Unique plugin that enables you to always have unique content, even when it’s someone else’s! Includes automatic article spinning! WpUnique is a wordpress plugin that converts what some consider duplicate content into unique content.

ATTENTION: AutoBloggers, PLR users, Content Spinners…
“Imagine Getting Indexed And
Ranking In 2 Minutes Flat By Simply
Pasting Someone Else’s Content
Onto Your Blog…”
“…While Google Gives The Original Author
The ‘Cold Shoulder’…And Opens The Door For
You To Profit Wildly From Their Hard Work!”

Why WpUnique

What’s the big deal about unique content?

Duplicate content….does it really exist?

Duplicate content is an issue talked about in most Internet Marketing circles. It refers to articles or blog posts that are the same. In other words, I purchase a plr article and you purchase a plr article…then 30 people purchase the plr article and all of us post it on our blogs.

What does Google think of such content and will one of us end up with having more weight on the article we all shared. The answer is duplicitous and will depend on who you talk to….some say there is no such thing as duplicate content….others say almost everything is duplicate content.

For our purposes I want to consider a group of people who all purchased the same plr or mrr article and posted it to their blogs without doing any editing or rewriting.Basically Google is going to credit the first article that gets indexed. It will have the most weight and will end up getting indexed and in the SERPs. All the rest of the articles will get indexed but chances are they will be sent to Googles supplemental index….meaning you won’t see them in a regular google search.

















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